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“I was 25 with two kids weighing 224 Lbs. and measuring 5’3′. I was going through much depression as I tried to squeeze into my maternity clothes even months after both my kids were born. My grandmother was going to Porky’s gym and training with a UBF trainer and I saw such great results in an older woman, I knew if I put just a bit of my time and dedication I would see even better results myself. I trained hard with an excellent trainer. He gave me encouragement. I now weigh 140 and I am as happy as can be.”
– Vivian Delucca, Miami, FL



“I have fibromyalgia and to keep my pain under control without taking medications that would affect my activities of daily living, which include a full time job and raising an eleven year old son, my physician recommended exercise and strength training. But I didn’t know where to start so working with a personal trainer seemed like the perfect situation. He was able to assess my needs and tailor a workout plan specific to me.”
– Sara Mata, Lubbock, TX



“I stared training with Matt Peterson who started me out on an exercise program that consisted of a lot of cardio and strength training. Himself and Dustin both have helped me with my nutrition and have helped me every week with my food journal. To this day I have lost 145 Pounds, since working with Matt on a weekly basis. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”
– Diana Hammer-Gaskin, Plainfield, IN



“I am ever so fortunate to have some of the best support whom are cheering, encouraging, pushing and challenging me. This customer support service goes beyond Joe and Micah. This goes towards to whole team at UBF. I have had significant results in the past 14 months since signing up with UBF. I have lost 85 pounds; lost 14% Body Fat; lost 39.25 total inches, so far, and continue to lose body fat and inches. My goals will be reached because I have my team behind me 100%.”
– Tanye Lacombe, Houston, TX


“On July 28,2011 I made the decision to regain control of my life and get healthy. I joined Anytime Fitness, hired a personal trainer and made the commitment to lose 80-90 pounds and strengthen my muscles. After 8 months of working with Patrick Macki, I have lost 55 pounds, dropped 5 pants sizes, reduced my Body fat from 48 % to 37% and reduced my BMI from 36.8 to 28.2. Thank you Patrick. You have changed my life and given me the confidence I need to complete my journey. I could not have accomplished this without you.”
– Cindy Johnson, Camby, IN