U.B.F. Fitness Directors recruit, train and manage teams of people to run the facilities and instruct gym members. To generate income and profit for the business, gym general managers take actions to increase membership. . They might offer group discounts to area businesses or schools to encourage fitness training and win new customers. They might also design promotions to individual members, such as discounts or free workouts, to get them to sign up. To retain existing members, gym managers communicate regularly with staff and members to ensue a highly functioning and professional environment. U.B.F. Fitness Directors focus on ensuring they have the right number of staff on duty at peak and quiet times, they prepare employee schedules and oversee all personal training matters for his or her assigned location.

                     Ultra Body Fitness is a nationwide growing company. We are searching for a Sales Assistant who can offer reliable support to the sales team and help improve efficiency as sales volume increases. The Sales Assistant will be responsible for maintaining regular contact with our fitness members and ensuring that his or her monthly sales goals are achieved and maintained.  If you have previous inside sales experience and you’re interested in taking your career to the next level, we encourage you to apply today.

          Ultra Body Fitness personal trainers instruct individuals about exercise activities that improve strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Listening to clients to find out personal fitness goals, then develop an exercise program, tailoring workouts to client needs. They demonstrate movements, ask clients to repeat them while offering tips on improving form, and motivate exercisers to return for classes at a regular schedule so physical progress can continue steadily. They explain safety rules and how to use exercise equipment. They may also give information on nutrition, weight control and general lifestyle changes 

          The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that jobs for all fitness trainers will increase at a rate of 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is far higher than the 14 percent projected for all occupations and close to the 27 percent expected for all personal care and service jobs. Many businesses and insurance companies have recognized that fitness is a far less-expensive option for improving health than medical treatment and encourage the use of exercise. .

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